DIY Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray Recipe

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How to Save Fruit Peels from Waste

So I had a bunch of orange, grapefruit and pineapple peels left from juicing and thought I’d better put them to good use! So I added them to a big jar along with white vinegar and left the mixture to infuse in a dark corner for 1 week.
By the end of the week, I had myself an uplifting smelling solution that can be used as a base for my toxin free DIY cleaning products.

Antibacterial & Antiviral

I added melaleuca oil as it has natural antibacterial and anti-viral qualities to kill those nasties hanging about your kitchen worktop! The castile soap will help tackle grease, while the vinegar cuts through limescale (great for a sink scrub) and it’s generally good at making things shiny and fresh!

If you want to make use of any fruit or veg pulp after juicing - check out my post where I give you the lowdown on how to turn pulp into tasty muffins that are perfect for breakfast!

Here’s my recipe to make your own toxin free multi purpose cleaner using the vinegar solution for the base.

DIY Multi Purpose Cleaning Spray Recipe


1/2 cup vinegar peel mixture (method explained above)
2 cups distilled water
1 tsp castile soap (I used the Dr Bronner brand)
10 drops tea tree oil (I use the Amour Natural brand)


Simply add the above to a reused cleaning spray bottle and shake to combine!

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