DIY Citrus Facial Exfoliator Recipe

Live Love Balance - DIY Citrus facial Exfoliator Scrub Recipe

How to Save Lemon Peels from Waste

I came up with this recipe after exploring ways to use up my leftover citrus peels after having my daily detox juice! You can do it with any citrus peels (such as lemons, limes or oranges) but it's advisable to first soak them in a solution of 4 parts water to 1 part white vinegar, to remove any surface pesticide residue.⁠

How to Dehydrate Lemon, Lime & Orange Peels

I use a mini halogen plug-in oven to dehydrate my peels (and other herbs) on a low setting, but you can use a normal oven - they'll just take a bit longer to dry out. I grind my peels in a mini electric herb/coffee grinder, which is fast and easy to clean, but you could also use a mixer with a chopping attachment.⁠

DIY Citrus Peel Facial Exfoliator Recipe


1 cup dried, ground citrus peels⁠
1/2 cup brown sugar⁠
3 tbsp sweet almond oil⁠
1 tsp wheatgerm oil⁠
4 drops bergamot oil⁠
4 drops wild orange oil (optional, but boosts the orange smell)⁠


  1. Lay out peels in either a halogen oven, or oven tray (depending on which option you'll be using to dehydrate). Set temperature to around 60°C + leave to dry for as long as required (until peels are no longer moist). The halogen oven should take 2-3 hours, a standard oven may take around 4 hours.⁠
  2. Add dried peels to grinder (or mixer) + pulse until chopped into small flakes.⁠
  3. Add peel flakes to a small bowl, then add brown sugar.⁠
  4. Add almond, wheatgerm + essential oils to bowl.⁠
  5. Stir everything to combine.⁠
  6. Add mixture to a sterile jar for storage.⁠

A Word of Warning

Citrus can irritate some people's eyes, so be careful to avoid eye area when applying.

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